Reviewer Instructions

Review Process

The manuscript submission and peer-review process is broken down into the following 5 steps:

  1. The Author submits a manuscript.
  2. The Associate Editor assigns Reviewers to the manuscript.
  3. The Reviewers review the manuscript.
  4. The Associate Editor makes a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief.
  5. The Editor-in-Chief drafts and sends the decision letter to the Author.

As a Reviewer, you are responsible for step #3.

Navigating the System

When you first log into the system, you will be taken to your "Home" page. It will have different categories of tasks. If you are required to perform a pending action item, there will be a red arrow next to a manuscript link. After clicking on this link, you will be presented with a "Manuscript" screen containing:

(Not all links will be present all the time. Only the applicable links will be visible.)

If there are no red arrows visible on the "Home" page, then you are finished. There is no pending work you need to perform.

Review Manuscript

After logging into the system, pressing on a manuscript link preceded by a red arrow, you will be presented with a "Manuscript" screen as described above. At the bottom of this screen under "Manuscript Tasks" will be displayed a "Review Manuscript" link. Clicking on this link will display the "Review Manuscript" screen. This screen is broken into 7 parts as follows:

  1. Overall Assessment Options
  2. Recommendation Options
  3. Priority Options
  4. Reviewer Comments
  5. Remarks to the Editor
  6. Conflict of Interest
  7. Reviewer Attachments

Before starting your review, if you prefer to work offline, you may download and print the paper file(s) and draft your review remarks using your favorite word processor program (e.g., Word). You can then cut/paste your review back into the "Reviewer Comments" text area on this screen or attach a separate file containing your review using the "Reviewer Attachment" feature.

Reviewer Evaluation Guidelines

The following questions are provided as guidelines for reviewing manuscripts submitted to AWWA Water Science. Reviewers are not required to address each question in their review, but rather should consider each as they evaluate a manuscript and determine their overall assessment.

Is this manuscript appropriate for the water industry?
Is this a new and original contribution?
Does this work advance knowledge in the water industry?

Is this manuscript technically sound?
Is the mathematical development complete and accurate?
Are the methods adequately described so that the work could be reproduced by the reader?
Are the interpretations and conclusions justified by the data?

Does the title accurately reflect the manuscript's content?
Is the abstract concise and informative?
Is the manuscript well written and well organized?
Are the level and style of presentation consistent with the needs of the readership?

Does the manuscript's content warrant its length? If the manuscript is either too short or too long for the subject matter, please indicate what content should be expanded or cut.
Are the same data presented in both tables and figures? If so, could these data be presented just as effectively in only one of these formats? Which format would be most effective? Can the presentation of data be more concise?
Should the manuscript's background section or literature review be condensed or eliminated?
Are the references adequate and are they all necessary?
Are additional references needed? 

(if applicable)
Are you aware of this work having been published anywhere else?
If yes, where? 

Getting Help

If you need additional help, you can click on the help signs spread throughout the system. A help dialog will pop up with context-sensitive help.

Manuscript Status

You can get the status of your assigned manuscript(s) via:

  1. Logging into the system with your password.
  2. Clicking on the link represented by the manuscript tracking number.
  3. Clicking on the "Check Status" link at the bottom of the displayed page.
This procedure will display detailed tracking information about where the manuscript is in the submission/peer review process.

Please press MANUSCRIPT HOME to continue.

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